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Hempstalls Primary School

Come as you are and leave as a Champion


Skiing at Stoke Ski Slope

Year 6 are enjoying their PE lessons at Stoke Ski Slope!



What the children say: 

"I have enjoyed playing different sports in PE" Lilliana (previous Year 6)

"It has been great playing in intra-sport competitions" Lathom (previous Year 6)

"I have learnt lots of new skills like how to use your arms when sprinting. Also, I have had a new experience of rock climbing where I learnt how to stay safe on the walls. It was really good fun!" Leah (Year 6)

"Teachers teach sports which they are really good at" Nathan (Year 5)


Our highlights: 

  • Representing Newcastle schools at the Year 4 Cross Country competition (a level 3 competition)
  • Participating in football, tag rugby, rounders and boys kwik cricket tournaments and being competitive in each of these competitions.
  • Continuing to offer a vast range of sports and inter-sport competitions for the children to enjoy and learn from.
  • Weekly visits to Stoke Ski Centre for the Year 6 class.


Some data about our PE and Extra Curricular Clubs:

  • June 2016 – 80% of KS2 participated in at least one sports club during the year. 
  • Nearly 40% participated in two or more extra-curricular clubs.
  • Impressively, almost half of KS2 (47%) have represented the school at either, cross country, swimming, football, athletics, rounders, kwik cricket and tag rugby. This is a fantastic achievement.
  • 31% of KS2 participate in a club outside of school, including football, karate, boxing, swimming and dance troops.
  • So, only 20% of children are not currently active in an extra-curricular club. We are aware of who these children are and next year, we will continue to encourage and offer sports clubs, which will engage these current non-participants.
  • Meanwhile, in KS1, 82% of the children have participated in one or more extra-curricular sports club with 37% participating in two or more. These percentages are high due a more sports clubs being offered to KS1 this year, including splash, dance, rounders and football. This has meant that only 18% have not participated this year.
  • Outside of school, the children are continuing to engage in a range of sports including: troupes, dance, football, boxing, beavers, karate and gymnastics. 28% of KS1 take part in a sport outside of school.


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