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Year 3



 Y3 curriculum
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This weeks lessons and activities are all about multiplication!- click the picture below to find the lesson video, resources and answers !

Please start from lesson 1 and make sure you understand the steps before moving onto the next lesson! :)

Happy learning team 3!



And don't forget we have access to Numbots and TTRockstars! Click the links on the images below!

Reading, comprehension and spelling:

Some exciting new for you Harry Potter fans in Y3!

J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, has organised lots of famous faces to come together and read the Harry Potter books! It starts with Harry Potter himself reading chapter 1! DO READ THE INFORMATION on this page as there are some super links to activity packs and challenges :). HAPPY READING!!!
Click the picture below to go to the website!

This weeks reading and activities have been set on reading eggs- you have a book to read, questions to answer about the book and some lessons to try and work through!

Activity 1- I have set different children different books to read- only one each. I am asking you to put a mini book review onto padlet about your book so other children can see if it is a good book to read.

The library area on Reading Eggspress has 100's of great books!

Happy learning team 3!

 Class reader

Below is a link to our class reader this term. This is read out loud but if you prefer to read it yourself just mute the video... This weeks reading is to read chapter upto chapter 9! :) Happy reading Year 3!


Please continue to wow us with your project ideas. Keep us updated on your progress on padlet- we love to see your writing!



Week 1:

1.Using the class reader as inspiration can you draw and label Charlie's house.

2. Write a short setting description of the house- use the text to help you for ideas!

3. Draw and label what you think Charlie looks like.

4. Write a short character description- see if you can use part of the text in your writing!

Please upload your work to Padlet so we can all see! :)

Expert Afternoons

The Mayans

Stay tuned for more information...

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zq6svcw this website has some good clips to introduce you to the Mayans!




PHSE week 1


We are living though history right now.... why not try this activity ..



 A warm welcome to you as we begin this new academic year at Hempstalls.


Year 3 is an important year for the children. It is a time when they move up to Key Stage 2 and with this all the changes that they experience. We have hopefully made the transition to KS2 run as smooth as possible.


This terms topic is 'This is us' which looks at the origins of Stoke - on -Trent! We have already had an amazing launch day and we cannot wait to keep learning!