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Welcome to our class page.  We are called Roaring Reception!

This term we are focussing hard on sticking to our class routines and rules as well as learning about woodlands, nocturnal animals, light and dark, under the learning concept of 'change'.  We began our topic by preparing and having a Gruffalo teaparty.

We are also very proud peacocks at the moment, as we have begun our reading journey. We can now read a few words with the phonics sounds we have been taught.  We cant wait to read more!

Make sure you keep visiting our page to keep up to date with what's going on in our class.

Thank you,
Miss Knight, Mrs Kabir, Miss Mott and Miss Hill.

Reception have had an extraordinary day celebrating world book day. Children have enjoyed decorating and making their character potatoes, they have made book marks and become authors and wrote some amazing stories. To end the day children shared and read their books to their friends. 

Rumble in the Jungle


The children had an adventurous day on our launch day, they became jungle explorers looking for the missing lion from the zoo, they tasted tropical fruit from the land of the lion, they made caves for the lion in our forest school and made lions out of clay. We are still searching for the lion and are making posters to find the lion. 

Toothbrush Initiative

Reception were visited by the Dental Nurses who showed them how to brush their teeth properly to help keep them clean and healthy!

 Reception Newsletters
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"Run, Run, as fast as you can, we will catch you, Mr Gingerbread Man!"

Romeo & Juliet

As part of our 'Everybody Writes' day this term, Reception reenacted a wedding whilst learning about Romeo & Juliet.

Big Bad Wolf Air Race

Reception have had a great week taking part in the Big Bad Wold's Air Race. We all enjoyed the pies too, even though they were double the price!