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Everyday Materials (what are things made from, identifying simple properties, comparing and grouping)

Use of everyday materials (suitability of materials, how can materials be changed)

Animals, including humans (healthy eating, muscles and skeletons)



Animals, including humans (health and circulation)

Seasonal changes (Autumn and Winter focus)


Animals, including humans (Teeth, eating and digestion)

Earth and Space

Living things and their habitats (classifying including microorganisms)



Animals, including humans (naming animals & body parts)

Plants (conditions for growing)

Rocks (including fossil formation)

Living things and their habitats (grouping and simple classifying/ changes to habitats can pose dangers)

Living things and their habitats (life cycles)


Seasonal changes

Living things and their habitats (suitable habitats/ simple food chains)

Plants (function of parts & life cycle)



Animals, including humans (changes in humans as they grow)





Plants (names and structure of plants)


Animals, including humans (health and growth)

Forces and magnets


States of matter

Properties and changes of materials


Exploratory unit (focused on working scientifically)




Year group

Examples of enhancing experiences offered 

Early Years

·         Regular welly walks to experience the world around them

·         Teeth brushing focus – links to our bodies

·         Use of the forest school area

Year 1

·         Trip to ‘Imagine That’ science museum.

·         Use of the forest school area to explore the seasonal changes.

·         Growing plants linked to plants topic.

Year 2

·         Trip to Chester Zoo linked to animals topic.

·         Growing plants linked to plants topic.

Year 3

·         Use of cookery room to create healthy meals linked to humans topics

·         ‘Funtrition’ workshop linked to healthy eating

·         Trip to Westport Lake linked to Stone Age topic and rocks

·         Planting trees with the eco council

Year 4

·         Parent workshop – electricity

·         Trip to RAF Cosford – time in their experiment area


Year 5

·         Parent workshop – forces

·         Trip to Newcastle College Lego Innovation Centre – how can we solve problems? What does STEM look like in the real world?

Year 6

·         Trip to Chesterton High School  with science workshop

·         Trip to Newcastle College Lego Innovation Centre – how can we solve problems? What does STEM look like in the real world?



Y1 Science


Y1 really enjoyed learning about materials during the Autumn Term. They used different materials to create boats and predicted whether they would sink or float. Thank you to parents and guardians who helped to create some amazing boats! The children also started their work on seasons and explored the forest school area to find signs of Autumn. 

Y4 Science


Y4 learnt all about sound in the Autumn term and experiment with rice on a drum to observe first hand how sound travels through vibrations. They also measured the decibel level of different sounds and investigated how sounds changed when they were near or far away. Y4 then moved onto look at our bodies and our digestive system. Their aprons were an amazing representation of how food travels through the body!

Y5 Science


Y5 enjoyed their topic on Space and forces. They investigated gravity and designed structures to protect an egg using air resistance to slow it's fall. They also used apples to represent the Earth and torches to represent the sun when looking at day and night and the Earth's rotation. 

Science Week 2020 - Careers Day

We  hosted a careers afternoon for Year 5 and 6 that focused on jobs in STEM industries. We were very lucky to have visitors from Siemens, DPD, Newcastle College and New Balance as well as other visitors with varied careers including an electrician, a florist and two physiotherapists. Thank you to everyone who attended, the session really opened our children's eyes to the opportunities that are out there!


Science Week 2020- Parent Workshops

We had a very successful science week at Hempstalls! The children engaged in a wide range of activities including parent workshops on Monday and Tuesday evening and 'The Big Science Share' that took place in school - Year 5 took on the role of teachers and shared investigations with Year 2 and Year 3. 


Science Week 2020 - Y1 Trip to Imagine That


Y1 had an amazing time at Imagine That in Liverpool! They asked lots of scientific questions and were wowed by some of experiments they saw. 

Our Science Curriculum Documents

 Intent, Implementation, Impact - Science (1).docxDownload
 Progression Biology.pubDownload
 Progression Chemistry.pubDownload
 progression in working scientifically.docxDownload
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Year 1

Year 1

Year 2

Year 2

Year 3

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 5

Year 6


Spring Term Knowledge Organisers

 Y1 - Spring - Science - Animals including Humans - Children KO.pdfDownload
 Y1 - Spring - Science - Seasons - Children KO.pdfDownload
 Y2 - Spring - Science (Biology) - Children's KO - Plants.pdfDownload
 Y2 - Spring - Science (Biology) Children's KO - Animals including humans.pdfDownload
 Y3 - Spring - Science (Biology) - Children's KO - Plants.pdfDownload
 Y3 - Spring - Science (Physics) - Children's KO - light.pdfDownload
 Y4 - Spring - Science (Chemistry) - Children's KO - States of Matter.docxDownload
 Y4 - Spring - Science (Physics) - Children's KO - Electricity.docxDownload
 Y5 - Spring - Science (Biology) - Children's KO - Living Things and their habitats.pdfDownload
 Y6 - Spring - Science (Physics and Biology) - Children's KO and tests - Electricity and evolution.pdfDownload
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Autumn Term Knowledge Organisers

 Science curric page
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