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Hempstalls Primary School

Come as you are and leave as a Champion


Here at Hempstalls children develop their confidence and strive to stimulate their curiosity of language around the world. Children develop awareness of cultural differences in other countries, making links to British values wherever possible. Children learn and develop the French language through speaking and listening lessons, phonics, grammar, reading and writing. 

The Rigolo scheme of learning really supports our children to master elements of the French language. Every lesson is framed by starter and plenary activities to refresh pupils’ memory of language learnt previously or to reflect on what has just been learnt. All French lessons at Hempstalls start with ‘What we already know’ so that pupils are constantly reflecting upon past learning, ensuring that previous knowledge is retained. Like other subjects, MFL is taught with rigour and children are given the opportunity to embed knowledge and skills through practice. Practice makes permanent. 


MFL Curriculum

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