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Hempstalls Primary School

Come as you are and leave as a Champion


Our aim at Hempstalls is to promote enjoyment and curiosity of learning through practical mathematics, exploration, investigation and discussion and to develop sustainable learning for pupils for the future. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible opportunities for our pupils by developing their ability to move between concrete, pictorial and abstract representations fluently and confidently. The long-term goal (which also runs through the heart of our curriculum) is to promote and provide opportunities for pupils to develop the core learning skills of confidence, determination, curiosity, aspiration, teamwork, independence, communication and focus.

Journey To Expertise 

Maths is taught through systematic and procedural instruction so that all children can access the lesson and make sufficient progress. Children spend longer on one task to gain a much deeper understanding, rather than spending less time on lots of different tasks. 

Mathematical content is taught in small steps with rigour to provide children with the best possible chance to digest and make sense of their learning. Guided practice ensures that children have the necessary time to practice efficient methods, fully embed knowledge and master new skills. They make connections to previous learning and are encourage to notice patterns and relationships between number.  

Revisit and Review - Children are constantly revisiting and reviewing previous learning content, making links to new learning. It's important that children are reminded about what they learnt yesterday, last week, last month and even last year to ensure that knowledge sticks.  


Times Tables

One of the aims of the National Curriculum is to ensure all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.  This doesn’t mean learning facts but here at Hempstalls we strive to encourage our pupils explain and allow them to explore the mathematical structure and patterns of the times tables. However, being able to recall facts quickly and accurately, through frequent practice enables children to access more complex problems and concepts during daily maths lessons.

Expectations - Check our times tables fluency progression table for pupils from Year 1 - Year 6. 

TT Rockstars 'Trust' Competition
We joined forces with other schools and competed in a TT Rockstars competition across our multi academy trust. The day was a 'rocking' success, seeing pupils smash their previous TT speed and accuracy! Incentives were given for those who had been working hardest in the run up to the competition and prizes given to overall winners. 
Pupils also dressed as their favourite avatar for the special day - here's one of our famous rockstars!