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Hempstalls Primary School

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Art and D&T

Welcome to our Art and DT page. Here at Hempstalls we love being creative in our lessons! We always start our Art and DT block with an artist or designer who we then use as inspiration for our final outcome. We practice the key skills needed in our sketch books by exploring, experimenting and creating. This then helps us to build up to our final piece of artwork or model which we then complete near the end of our block. We bring all of our skills together to show our true creativeness! This could be anything from a clay model Stone Age House in Year 3 to cooking a new dish in Year 5! Please look at our creations in the photographs below from Year 1 to Year 6.


Design and Technology

Food technology
Y1  Autumn  Spring  Summer Y1  Autumn Spring(food)  Summer Y1
Y2  Autumn   Spring(additional D&T block)   Summer Y2 Autumn  Spring Summer Y2
Y3  Autumn  Spring  Summer Y3  Autumn(food) Spring  Summer Y3
Y4  Autumn  Spring  Summer Y4  Autumn Spring  Summer(food) Y4
Y5  Autumn  Spring  Summer Y5  Autumn(food)  Spring  Summer Y5
Y6  Autumn  Spring  Summer Y6  Autumn(food)  Spring  Summer Y6