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Hempstalls Primary School

Learning and Laughing Together


Staff and Governors


Hempstalls Primary School Staff 

Academic Year 2019/2020


Mrs Bennett

Miss Bell

Mrs Hemmings
Executive Head Teacher Head of School Deputy Head Teacher & Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Barbour Mrs Thorley Mrs Wilkinson Miss Franks Mrs Shutt
School Bursar Teaching School Bursar Chief Finance Officer Clerical Assistant Clerical Assistant
Mr Tagg Mr Finney
Site Supervisor Janitor
  Mrs Jackson  
  Behaviour & Nurture Specialist-Behaviour Matters  


Early Years Foundation Stage



  Miss White
  Cubs Manager
    Mrs Brierley    Miss McLane   Miss Mills    
    Cubs Play Worker    Cubs Play Worker   Cubs Play Worker    




 Mrs Eardley     Miss Titley
 Nursery Assistant Manager     Nursery Assistant Manager
 Miss Harper   Miss Austin    Miss Podmore 
 Nursery Play Worker   Nursery Play Worker    Nursery Play Worker 




Miss Knight   Mrs Kabir   Miss Mott
Foundation Stage Manager & Reception Teacher   Reception Teacher   Reception Teacher
    Mrs Wintle    Mrs O'Connor   
    Reception Teaching Assistant    Reception Teaching Assistant       


Key Stage One


Year One

  Mrs Cooper  Mrs Chorlton  Miss Else   
  Year 1 Teacher    Year 1 Teacher    Year 1 Teacher  
Mrs Davis Mrs Saunders Miss Cooper
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Year 1 Teaching Assistant Year 1 Teaching Assistant




Year Two
Mrs Hemmings   Mrs Timmis   Miss Locker
Year 2 Teacher & Deputy Head Teacher Year 2 Teacher & SENCO   Year 2 Teacher & Senior Management
    Miss Bould    Mrs Armstrong     
    Year 2 Teaching Assistant    Year 2 Teaching Assistant     


Key Stage Two


Year Three

Mr Reddish Miss Price
Year 3 Teacher Year 3 Teacher
  Mr Thorley  Mrs Lear
  Year 3 Teaching Assistant  Year 3 Teaching Assistant  



Year Four
Miss McHugh Miss Pearson
Year 4 Teacher Year 4 Teacher
 Miss Hill    Mrs Blaise   Miss Wright    
Year 4 Teaching Assistant    Year 4 Teaching Assistant   Year 4 Teaching Assistant    



Year Five
     Miss McDonald  
    Year 5 Teacher    
  Mrs Tagg Mrs Llewellyn  
  Year 5 Teaching Assistant Year 5 Teaching Assistant  
Year Six
  Mr Harley    Mr Tapp 
  Year 6 Teacher & Senior Management   Year 6 Teacher & Senior Management   
  Mrs Kirkham     Mrs Kempson  
  Year 6 Teaching Assistant   Year 6 Teaching Assistant  


Additional Teaching Support Staff

  Mrs Bishop   Mrs Howle  
  HLTA   Class Teacher (Cover)  


Care Club

Miss Newman   Miss Owen   Miss McDermott
Care Club Manager   Care Club Play Worker   Care Club Play Worker

Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff

Miss L Bird Miss R Walton Mrs N West Mrs P Wade
Cook Cook Cook Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Wilton Miss L Owen Mrs A Mallon Mrs M Mallon Miss D Preece
Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs D Moore Miss N Newman Miss N  Goodwin-Shone Mrs A Hambleton
Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Supervisor

School Governors



 Mrs M Walker Mrs J Clarke Mrs S Austin
Co-opted Member (Vice) Co-opted Member (Chair)   Co-opted Member (Vice)
Mrs L Bennett   Miss A Bell  Mrs K Barbour Mrs J Hemmings Mrs L Thorley
Trust CEO & Assosciate Member  Co-opted Member (Head Teacher)  Assosciate Member (School Bursar) Assosciate Member (Deputy Head) Assosciate Member (Teaching School)
Mr J Williams 
  Mrs A Evans   Mr A Cuthbertson   Mrs J Withington   Mrs H Armstrong 
Co-opted Member 
  Parent Governor   Co-opted Member   Staff Governor   Co-opted Member