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Values & Ethos

At Hempstalls we are inspired by a foundation of respect, fostering a culture of resilience and kindness.  We are taught to be prepared for daily school life and the next stage of our education and to embrace challenges with a curious mindset, ensuring a collective commitment to growth and excellence.

Our School Values

Be Kind

Be Curious

Be Respectful

Be Resilient

Be Prepared

British Values

Alongside our bespoke values we incorporate British Values into our curriculum and expectations. 

Individual Liberty

  • Freedom of speech for all
  • The right to make your own choices

The Rule of Law

  • Understanding rules and why they are important
  • Following rules to develop order


  • Making decisions together
  • The right to an opinion/voice


  • Learning about different faiths and cultures
  • Listen to other viewpoints
  • Learning about diversity

Mutual Respect

  • Treating others as you want to be treated
  • Respect for each other
  • Working together
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