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PE - 3 I's


An embedded PE curriculum, at Hempstalls, allows learners to realise their full potential and develop a lifelong interest in physical activity and sport. At Hempstalls, we believe that regular physical activity can not only promote healthier lifestyles but also increase academic performance and the social and emotional well-being of our children. This will then lead in to children who are able to develop the understanding and knowledge of the importance of staying fit and healthy and they will continue to be activity as they move through their lives.

Our PE curriculum allows all children, to access a range of activities, which will allow them to be active for a sustained amount of time, developing their fitness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved through a carefully selected programme of sports and activities. Fundamental movement skills are at the heart of everything that we believe in at Hempstalls. Providing the children, from two years old, with the opportunities to develop a love of physical activity and sport throughout their lives is crucial. Without the fundamental skills of running, jumping, catching, throwing and balance, etc, our children will be unable to access the breadth of curriculum that we are so passionate to deliver across the school and Key Stages.

We aim to provide all of our children with the opportunity and knowledge, including vocabulary, to become the next generation of successful individuals who are able to leave Hempstalls and make choices, which are right for them. They will be able to select from a wide range of key attributes, attributes that they will require through the rest of their childhood and into the wider society as adults. Being taught how to be a great leader, or team player for example will enable our children to learn new ‘life’ skills and these will not only be applied across the curriculum but within a sporting context as well.

Swimming is a vital life skill that not only promotes physical fitness but also plays a crucial role in water safety. It is essential for children to learn how to swim from an early age to ensure their safety in and around water. At Hempstalls, we support this and ensure that every children from the age of two is provided with a 30-minute swimming lesson every week. 

We, at Hempstalls, understand and recognise the importance of offering extra-curricular clubs to the children as they have limited opportunities to participate in sporting clubs away from school. Alongside this, we pride ourselves on offering as many children as possible the opportunity to access a range of extra-curricular clubs, which often extend and develop in-school teaching, PE lessons. We also target our pupil premium children across the school as they are the least likely to participate in clubs outside of school.

Every PE and swimming lesson, as well as during lunchtimes, physical activity for a sustained period of time remains a priority, ensuring that our children receive more than the government recommended 30 minutes of physical activity per day.


PE is delivered for 2 hours per week at Hempstalls and all children receive a 30- minute swimming lesson each week too. There is a clear programme of PE coverage that the children will be taught through their time at Hempstalls and by following a sequential and progressive curriculum that aligns with the Get Set 4 PE scheme, children are taught the knowledge and skills necessary, which are then built upon.

At Hempstalls, we recognise the significance of swimming and have incorporated it into our curriculum. Each child is provided with a 30-minute swimming lesson per week, which allows for consistent learning and progression. This regular and dedicated time ensures pupils receive sufficient practice to develop essential swimming skills, water confidence and safety. In addition, we ensure that Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity of swimming in a 25-metre pool before leaving primary school which aligns with the National Curriculum guidelines.

Through the delivery of extra-curricular clubs with many sports covered throughout the year, including, swimming, football, volleyball, athletics, rounders, badminton and cricket. All these sports are also part of our inter-school games competitions, where children are selected to represent the school.

Inter and Intra-school competitions are also a high priority, providing children with competitive sport opportunities both against children in their own school (cross country, during PE sessions, Sports day, swimming galas); children across the MAT and against wider schools in our local area.

Furthermore, lunchtime staff deliver and initiate physical activities to all children, encouraging, once more, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, helping Hempstalls to deliver a minimum of 30-minutes of activities per child, per day. Play leaders also support the delivery of these activities, coming from year 5 and 6.

To ensure that pupil premium children within our school have the opportunity to select clubs, which are often very popular, we open the submission time slightly earlier for these children, this gives them an advantage when selecting their preference of clubs.

To ensure that the children have the best possible start to their physical education journey, we utilise the coaching expertise of ASM sport who deliver our PE curriculum to Cubs and Nursery once a week. The Early Years staff, observe, team teach and are fully involved in the progression of skills being taught and learning from the sports coach each week.

We focus on personal development of the whole child; their understanding of health and fitness, starting in the Early Years and providing opportunities to develop skills which they will need in the future, for work, for well-being and for economic and social success. Our PE curriculum also enables our children to gain valuable life skills, including, communication, leadership, and teamwork, and collaboration, social and cognitive skills.

All PE lessons begin with a 10-minute run to increase the children’s stamina and to raise their heart rates. Lessons then have a focus on keeping the children engaged and active throughout.


Through regular monitoring and from looking at the assessment data, the delivery of our PE curriculum shows a progression in skills taught and highlights that the children receive high quality PE lessons weekly. Holding discussions with children, monitoring participation levels in extra-curriculum clubs and the high uptake of the Play Leaders role highlights the children’s love of sport. The popularity of the extra-curricular clubs further emphasises the children’s enjoyment for sport across the school. Furthermore, the number of children representing the school in KS2 competitive fixtures has increase and this includes many different sports: football, netball, athletics, cross country, multi-sports, swimming.

Almost all children come to school wearing the Hempstalls PE kit, highlighting that the profile of PE has been raised across the school and the children are aware that on their PE day, they will be experiencing many sports throughout the year.

Having offered alternative sports we are expanding the children’s experiences even further, and many children have continued to access and enjoy the champion opportunities that we have offered. Skiing has proved to be a fantastic and unique opportunity which the children have relished. Balance and Beam and Clip ‘n’ Climb in KS1 has allowed the children to access a new sport and many children have returned to Clip ‘n’ Climb since. Year 4 have loved their outdoor and adventurous day at Kibblestone Scout Camp and this experience has developed key attributes in the children that support our school values. All children in Reception and both key stages have had the opportunity to participate in dance lessons from an external coach which has resulted in many children joining their dance school and performing at The Rep theatre.

To ensure that we offer the very best provision across the school, CPD is offered to staff who need it. We utilise ASM sports to deliver out EYFS PE so that the staff can monitor, team teach and eventually take over the sessions, making it sustainable for the future.

Almost all children leave Hempstalls with basic water safety skills and have water confidence. Over 80% of children leave Hempstalls being able to swim confidently in a range of strokes over 25m.



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