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Welcome to Hempstalls School Library and Reading Café

We are fortunate to have a library within our school that is welcoming and well resourced giving our children positive experiences of books. It shares the ethos and values of the whole school and promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.  It’s role is to help create confident, enthusiastic readers and engage children in life-long learning. Children are timetabled throughout the school day to use the library and it is all open at dinner times.

Our school library’s role is to inspire and excite young readers and meet their educational demands. You will find books that are appropriate in terms of the curriculum, interests and reading ages of the pupils.

In our reading café you will find Hempstalls 100 book read challenge.  We encourage children to read as many books as they can from the selection of hand picked books from all our of collections, including graphic novels. Children can build up their repertoire of books and love of authors. Our reading champion and reading ambassadors enjoy discussing their latest book review and recommendations.

HempstallsPrimary School
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Mrs Shutt: 01782 950082Hempstalls Primary Schooloffice@hempstalls.staffs.sch.ukCollard Ave, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 9LH
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