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Art - 3 I's


Hempstalls Primary School provides a high-quality, engaging and inspiring Art and Design curriculum which enables all children to explore, create and reach their full potential. Art and Design is delivered through a concept driven curriculum which enables the progression of skills and knowledge alongside critical techniques. We believe that Art and Design is a vital part of children’s education and also that it has a significant role in linking subjects across the curriculum. We pride ourselves on the enrichment opportunities (Champion Opportunities) offered to children in Art and Design which further enhances their knowledge and skills.


Art and Design is delivered during a focused block each term where new knowledge and skills are acquired and prior knowledge and skills are systematically retrieved. A focus on skills ensures that children are provided with time to practice and develop their creativity and mastery in the key elements of Art and Design. To enhance their critical techniques, children gain knowledge of artists, craft makers and designers. Tools, media and a wide-range of quality resources are essential to compliment children’s understanding and progression in a number of techniques. In addition, further opportunities are interweaved throughout the curriculum to practice knowledge and skills gained.


Children thoroughly enjoy this aspect of the curriculum and are motivated to make progress in their knowledge and skills. Children are inspired by their exploration of artists, craft makers and designers as well as being able to evaluate and analyse their own, and others, creative works using the language of art, craft and design. Art and Design provides pathways of understanding and enables children to record thoughts and ideas across the curriculum.

The school environment celebrates children’s achievements in Art and Design and demonstrates the subject’s high status in the curriculum. The display of creative outcomes reflects the progression of skills and exploration of a wide range of artists, craft makers and designers as well as showcasing children’s creativity and pride in their artwork.



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